An Dearbhair Beag

The Dearbhair Beag is a multi-platform spellchecker which is based on the Faclair Beag and currently the biggest spellchecker available. It currently corrects over 1.5

Am Faclair Beag

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The Faclair Beag is one of the most popular Gaelic/English dictionaries at the moment (certainly popular enough for the LearnGaelic project to buy a

Outlook.com (Hotmail)

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Microsoft redesigned Hotmail and what came out is now called Outlook.com. If you have a Hotmail account, you have to upgrade to Outlook.com first


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Wordlink isn’t a dictionary per se but still very useful. What is does is to split your screen when you’re viewing a written text


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DuckDuckGo is a new search engine which was launched in 2008. They have a very strong privacy policy and don’t do any user profiling


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Tetris … what else can one say? Just that it’s not a phone app but a browser game. There’s no chat feature but there


Destroy your enemy’s navy before they sink you. I don’t think it needs much more of an explanation but just in case: The game


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Not a big game, more of a puzzle. Click on the dolphins until they’re all jumping. Yeah, sounds easier than it is. You can


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WordPress.com allows you to set up blogs. Please note, there is WordPress.com and WordPress.org and there’s a difference between the two. This one is


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The Gaelic version of Google came out in 2002 while Google was still running their Google in Your Language project. Sadly, they shut it