Tools for developers


OpenCart is an ecommerce platform or in other words, software that allows you to build an online shop. Another open source project, so it’s


TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG editor (JavaScript-based) which is independent of your platform. On top of that, it’s also OpenSouce (under LGPL). It’s a useful

Inno Setup

Inno Setup is an installer for Windows, i.e. a program that lets you create an install or uninstall dialogue. At the moment, the Gaelic

Gaelic word frequencies

When we were were working on Adaptxt, the predictive texting tool for Android phones, we had to do a bit of statistical analysis on

AndroidLinuxMacWindows allows you to create blogs. Note that there’s and and that the two are not the same. This one is the

AndroidChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafari allows you to set up blogs. Please note, there is and and there’s a difference between the two. This one is

SMART™ Digital Whiteboards

The SMART™ Notebook is available in Gaelic, as in, a language pack that will provide you with the interface for the digital whiteboards produced


phpBB is web-forum software (BB stands for bulletin board). If you look at Fòram na Gàidhlig, you’ll see what it looks like, broadly. The


If you need your own wiki, MediaWiki (the gubbins behind Wikipedia) is what you want and available in Gaelic too. Don’t worry about that


Freefilesync is a really handy tool for making backups of your files with no hassle. To change it to Gaelic after installing it, you