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Wordlink isn’t a dictionary per se but still very useful. What is does is to split your screen when you’re viewing a written text in Gaelic. The text will be on the left hand side of your screen and on the right hand you’ll see a frame with an online dictionary. With a sprinkling of black magic, it means you don’t have to type individual searches. All you have to do is click on a word on the left and it will automatically search for the term in the dictionary.


For example, it works really well with the clips and texts in Clilstore:


To use it with other sites than Clilstore, visit this page and enter an address (URL) into the adress field (Ctrl + c and Ctrl v are your friends, as always, for copy and past). Paste it in after the url=wordlink04

For example like this:


And then hit Enter.

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