Am Faclair Beag

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The Faclair Beag is one of the most popular Gaelic/English dictionaries at the moment (certainly popular enough for the LearnGaelic project to buy a


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Wordlink isn’t a dictionary per se but still very useful. What is does is to split your screen when you’re viewing a written text

Faclair na Sgoile

This is neat little dictionary by Stòrlann, comes with a Word of the Day, grammatical information and examples of usage. There’s nothing complicated about

An Stòr-dàta Briathrachais

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The online version of the Stòr-dàta Briathrachais is based on a printed version of a dictionary containing technical terminology published by Clò Ostaig back

Microsoft Language Portal

The Microsoft Language Portal has a dictionary for terminology that is used in the Gaelic translation of Windows and Microsoft Office. We would always