This is a Dungeons & Dragons RPG game in the Diablo style. True, it’s not quite at the level of Diablo yet but look on the bright side – nobody is working on Diablo anymore but there’s a lot of folk working on this and even the alpha looks promising!

You know how it goes – pick a character class, something between barbarian and mage and off you go on an adventure, fighting goblins and zombies, collecting gold and resources, trading in towns and levelling. What else can one say?

It’s Open Source and developed by volunteers so it doesn’t cost you a penny to try and see just how much time you can waste in game!

On Windows
Easy enough – visit the Flare website and download the zip. Put it in a folder where you want to keep it and then unzip it. At the alpha stage, it doesn’t have a proper installer yet. Then click on Flare.exe and off you go:


You can change it to Gaelic under Configuration » Interface.

On MacOS
A wee bit more complex but not hard. To begin with, grab the dmg on the Flare website. Click that once it’s downloaded and then on Flare:


You may very well have to install X11 (this is common enough, don’t worry):


Follow the instructions and mount it:


Then open XQuartz.pkg:


You’ll have to log out and back in (or restart your system):


Now, back to the Flare file you downloaded:


You change the language in the same place you do in Windows, Options » Interface:


That’s it!

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