Another word game for you. This one is good fun and not hard to understand. Letters fall down and you need to build words (which clears the letters off the screen when you click DEARBH and if the word is correctly spelled) before too many build up and bring the game to an end. A bit like a cross between Wordtris and Scrabble.


There’s even a word browser where you can check out the words you can build.


There’s plenty enough of those – it’s powered by a word list from the Faclair Beag and with that, you have about 170,000 words you can build.

It costs a little money but it did take an effort to make, both for the developer and the dictionary folk so at the price of less than a coffee, it’s a fair deal!

Available on Android (from Google Play).

You can now also play this game on Facebook. Just visit the Wordumz page on Facebook and click Play Now on Facebook:


Also playable in Irish:


It takes a tad long to load:


But game play is very smooth – plus there’s now a competitive highscores table. See you there!

Coming soon.

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