Pingus is a computer game where you have to solve puzzles by steering a bunch of penguins to the exit through an obstacle course. You can assign them different skills, like jumping or bridge building, so they can get past an obstacle. A bit similar to Lemmings, if that rings a bell. Here’s a wee preview:

This game is also free.

How do I install it?

1. Download the game here on the Pingus website and install it.
2. Grab the language file and open it. You’ll find a file called gd.po inside.
3. Find out where the game was installed. On Windows 7 that tends to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Pingus\. Copy and paste the gd.po into the \po\ subfolder, for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Pingus\data\po\ on Windows 7.
4. Start the game and click Options:


5. Click on the various language names until Gaelic Scots shows up. Click Dùin and then exit the game:


The restart and it will be in Gaelic now. To learn how to play, try the Sgeulachd section first for some tutorials.

Sorry the process is a bit complicated, it will get easier once we get a proper release!

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