Penfriend is an assistive typing tool that helps you type by trying to predict the word you’re writing based on the letters and words you have just typed.

You can get Penfriend both as standalone software and on USB stick – check their website for more info. The Gaelic dictionaries which are included work but note that this is note a free tool, it’s a commercial product.

If you got the USB stick, this is how you run Gaelic predication:

Insert the stick and open Windows Explorer and look for the drive:


Click on it and start the .exe that’s on there:


You’ll see a wee window pop up, hit File » Open default lexicon:


And select one of the dictionaries, they range from small to medium:


Now, if you start typing something, you will see suggestions appear:


Hit the number you see in front of the word on your keyboard and it will fill in the missing letters.

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