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Lots of expats actually have the same problem, just not with BBC Alba generally – they want to watch the BBC’s programs but can’t because they’re overseas.

There are various programs which promise to get you around this issue. We say promise because, being in Scotland, we haven’t really had a chance to test them so we can’t guarantee they’ll work or work well. We recommend searching around on the web a bit for more info. But anyway, these are the two most frequently mentioned:

  • TunnelBear (free and paid subscription)
  • VPNUK (paid subscription)
  • Expatshield (free for a limited time, then paid subscription; may no longer be a workable solution for getting BBC from outside the UK)

2 thoughts on “BBC Alba abroad

  • 12 September 2018 at 12:13 am

    Your Expatshield link leads to Hotspot shield, which provides a VPN which has an American address. So if you install it you will be unable to get BBC programs even when you are in Britain – just the opposite of what expats want, which is to get BBC where ever they are. I installed it and uninatalled it after a brief messing around – didin’t keep it for more than an hour or two – but during that time I noticed that the free use you indicate iss apparently short term restricted, for more than a week or so you would need to pay.


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