TuxPaint is a drawing program for children aged 3 to 12. As it’s a community project and Open Source, it is available free of charge for anyone.

It has a bumper crop of features ranging from paintbrushes to picture stamps, magic tools and lots more – as you can see in the gallery.


It’s easy to install –  download the two files on this site, the program and the stamps:


Then start the tuxpaint-0.9.22-win32-installer.exe file to begin with. If you want to, you can pick Gaelic for the installation process too:


The just follow the instructions, there is nothing crazy in there fortunately. In the last window, untick the two boxes and click on Finish/Crìochnaich:


That’s the first step. Go back to where you downloaded the files to and now double-click on tuxpaint-stamps-2009-06-20-win32-installer.exe. Again, if you want to, you can choose Gaelic here:


When you reach this window, make sure you choose Full Installation/Stàladh slàn:


The hit Next/Air adhart and that’s pretty much it.

The first time you start the program it takes quite some time while it configures this and that. Just let it do whatever it needs to do (which can take up to a minute or so). It only has to do that once, it will be a lot faster the next time.


There’s detailed instructions on this page.

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