WordPress.com allows you to set up blogs. Please note, there is WordPress.com and WordPress.org and there’s a difference between the two. This one is the one that will give you “just a blog” i.e. no need to install anything on a server. Aye, a bit convoluted, I would have picked better names…

  • if you don’t know what a webhost is and just want a blog, no installation of anything, no mumbo-jumbo, you most likely want a blog on WordPress.com. Note that this is free but that there will be a small amount of advertising that shows up to your visitors
  • if you know what a webhost is and what yours looks like, including your login and if you want to install it yourself on your own host and see no advertising, you probably want WordPress.org

Registering isn’t hard – visit this page and follow the instructions.

After a year and a half of lobbying, WordPress have added a manual language selection in Android. It’s really easy to use. Once you have WordPress, open the app, go to the Accounts tab and open Account Settings:


Then Language next:


And pick Scottish Gaelic (gd):


That’s it. There’s bits of English in it still but we’ll sort that soon (up until now, because the smaller languages were totally inaccessible, there was no priority to maintain the translation):


WordPress says it’s working on a similar feature for iOS too. Keep your ears peeled!


1. I already have a blog!

If you already have a WordPress.com blog, it’s easy switching that to Gaelic. Just go to Users » Personal Settings and pick Gaelic. Alternatively, there’s a link under Settings » General “You can also modify the interface language in your profile”. Don’t forget to hit Save Changes afterwards!

If you have a blog elsewhere but want to move to WordPress, like Blogspot, that’s easy too. Register for an account on WordPress.com to begin with and it will ask you at some stage if you want to import and existing blog.

3. How about Windows Phone?

WordPress is not developing the app for Windows Phone at the moment, not sure why, sorry.

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