Neverball & Neverputt

Neverball is a 3D puzzle and dexterity game rolled into one. The goal is to direct a rolling ball to a goal, collecting sufficient coins along the way to open the next level before you’re out of time. Only once you have collected enough coins will the gate open. And of course there will be obstacles. These days you also get the golf game Neverputt as part of Neverball.

Installing the game
You can download the installation file here. You then have to unzip it – remember where you unzipped it to!

Go to the folder you unzipped it to and double-click neverball to start Neverball or neverputt to start Neverputt:



If you have Oculus Rift, select the appropriate program in the folder instead.

If the game comes up in English, that’s easily fixed. This is what to do for Neverball; Neverputt works exactly the same way.

Click on Options:


Click on English (US) (or whatever the default language it shows):


That will open another window, click on Gàidhlig:


That’s it!

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