Well we have a sort of solution for that. To begin with, Facebook refuses to add languages to its translation project on a willy-nilly basis.

The indomitable Kevin Scannell, master of scripts, has created a tool which will give you a bit of Gaelic in Facebook, at long last. Not the entire thing, just some of the most commonly seen things but then, who ever read the EULA anyway? So, if you’re using Firefox or Chrome…


You have to, by the way, use English (US) as the underlying language in Facebook, otherwise it will not work properly because the script can’t handle differences like Favourites vs Favorites.

1. Firefox
You’ll need a little program called Greasemonkey to start with:


Once you have the monkey ready, return to Usercripts and click the big, green button on the right that says Install:


You’ll see a window which says Greasemonkey Installation. Agree to the installion and that’s it. You may have to exit Firefox and re-start it before you see any Gaelic. And that’s it!

2. Chrome
Visit this page and install it. Done.

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